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吉田憲史 Qenji Yoshida


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Qenji Yoshida is a Japanese artist who utilizes translation and a state of being lost-in-translation in order to explore in contacts between different languages, cultures and contexts. His practice often deals two or several linguistically or culturally distant people at the same time. The intention is not only to caricaturize socio-political frictions or situations but also to explore a human potential and functions of language casted from intentional misuse of languages and language barriers in order to reach alternative dialectic beyond different subjects. His series (im)possible dialogue is a good example where he invites two people who have no language in common to have a dialogue. Of course the dialogue contains full of misunderstandings but the performance still reveals commonness between two people. From 2017 he started collaboration with Thai Artist Wantanee Siripattananuntakul. In collaboration they deal with more complex and multiple topics in a very simple form of performance.