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SHIH Deng-Teng, Assistant Professor

施登騰 SHIH, Deng Teng

中國科技大學 互動娛樂設計系/室內設計系 助理教授

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Speaking Sessions

21 10 月, 202116:00 - 17:20


小組討論 Pannel Discussion


目前研究與產學案重心聚焦於數位轉譯與博物館科技應用,執行過許多機構的AR、VR、沈浸投影、互動裝置等開發。近年主要擔任博物館/美術館審查委員, 文化部/經濟部產業調查研究計畫主持人,資策會產業情報研究所/數位教育研究所/數位轉型研究所的有給職顧問。

在研究發表上除了定期於研討會與期刊論文以及專業雜誌專欄發表外,也同步寫數位展示科技與中國文物鑑定等專業主題,並以「Connoisseur 系列」、「博物館科技系列」、「數位轉譯系列」、「數位典藏典藏轉譯」「數位科技系列」等領域之相關研究專文約300篇分享於《數位轉譯職人誌》(。

After receiving a full Australian International Students Scholarship (EPIRS & IPA), SHIH Deng-Teng entered the Department of Art Theory and Film in the Faculty ofArts and Social Sciences at the University of Sydney, Australia, for his Ph.D. After returning to Taiwan, he works in the Department of Digital Multimedia Design at the China University of Technology, served as a faculty member of both the Interactive Entertainment Design Department and Visual Communication Department. Meanwhile, he is also a part-time associate professor at the National Taipei University of Education, teaching Master Programs in Cultural and Creative Industries Management as well as Museum Management and Technology Application.


His current research and industry projects focus on digital translation and the application of museum technologies. He also took part in augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), immersive projections, and interactive installations projects for many institutions. In recent years, he served as a museum reviewer and the organizer of industry research projects. He was honored as the leading committee in the 2019National Museum Forum “Professional Development and Technology Applications”hosted by the Ministry of Culture, and he served also as professional consultants for the Institute of Industrial Information Analysis, the Institute of Digital Education, and the Institute of Digital Transformation of the non governmental organisation ~ Institute for Information Industry.


SHIH has been penning for digital display technology and Chinese relic appraisal simultaneously, and is keen to share the information and knowledge of the tasks he researched for years, such as the Connoisseur, Museum Technology, Digital Interpretation, and Digital Technology series. Besides the official academic publication, his relevant monographs are featured in the MuseTech, Digi-Interpretation, and Connoisseur series (