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曹良賓 TSAO, Liang-Pin

Lightbox攝影圖書室 總監

Speaking Sessions

21 10 月, 202116:00 - 17:20


小組討論 Pannel Discussion

台灣新竹出生,現居台北、從事影像創作。美國紐約普拉特藝術學院,藝術創作碩士。曾獲選文化部紐約駐村創作計畫、普拉特藝術學院獎學金、傅爾布萊特獎助學金等。作品於國際間展出,近期創作《Becoming / Taiwanese》嘗試在轉型正義及生命政治的視角下,審視全台各地的忠烈祠,凸顯殖民歷史、身份認同與價值意識之間的張力關係,追索重新想像的可能性。

創作之外,亦從事藝文推廣、公共服務、關注開放文化。2015年,與友人共同發起「PHOTO TALKS」,促進台灣當代攝影的討論。2016年,成立「Lightbox 攝影圖書室」,致力於匯集、整理與共享台灣的攝影出版物。期望以社會參與的方式,共建台灣攝影,逐步邁向文化自主、知識平權,以及更開放共融的社群。


Born in Hsinchu, Taiwan, Tsao Liang-Pin is currently living and working with image in Taipei. He holds an MFA degree from the Pratt Institute, New York, USA. Liang is the recipient of a Fulbright Grant, a New York Residency Program sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, Taiwan, and a scholarship from the Pratt Institute and other institutions. His works have been exhibited internationally. Closely inspecting Martyrs’ Shrines all over Taiwan, his recent project Becoming/Taiwanese emphasizes the relational tension between colonial history, national identity and value-awareness from the perspective of transitional justice. The project further explores the socio-cultural significance between these three fields.

Apart from his own artistic practice, Liang also has devoted himself to public service and to the promotion of art and culture, paying close attention to open culture. In 2015, he co-sponsored “PHOTO TALKS” with his network of friends to promote the discussion of contemporary photography in Taiwan. In 2016, the “Lightbox Photo Library” was established to collect, organize and share the publications of Taiwanese photography. It is hoped that through such social participation, we can jointly construct Taiwanese photography, heading towards a community with cultural autonomy, intellectual freedom, and open amalgamation.