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曾允凡 TSENG, Yun-Fan


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21 10 月, 202119:00 - 20:30


小組討論 Pannel Discussion




Yun fan is a professional voice actress. She’s a part of the Sounds Great Institute. Her works including: animation, drama, movie, game, introduction, commercial, broadcasting play, audio course materials, AI audio and audio description.

The mandarin dubbing of drama and animation breaks through the boundary of language, it opened Yun Fan imagination in childhood. She was a shy girl, but with her teachers and friends encouraged her to try chorus, recitation and poetry reading. She started connecting to the world and became a voice actress. She believes that voice is an important force to comforts people. It can be tender or strong, and brings the resonance and courage. Yun Fan expects herself to continue lives with consciousness, and keep telling stories for all kinds of people.