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洪秉綺 HUNG, Ping-Chi

獨⽴策展人與專業藝術行政,現任台灣藝⽂空間連線 TASA 協會理事長

Speaking Sessions

24 10 月, 202116:00 - 17:30


小組討論 Pannel Discussion
24 10 月, 202117:30 - 18:00



曾任竹圍工作室營運總監、台北紅館主任。畢業於英國Goldsmith 文化產業碩士學程。她關心活化城市空間的議題,同時好奇人與自然之間的關係。這幾年來不斷地與藝術家和環境教育者共同思索我們到底可以為整體大環境做什麼?藉由藝術顛轉既有思維,讓我們對生活環境更有感。相信串連不同的人和組織可一起共創出更具有能量和影響力的事。

Iris, Ping-Chi HUNG is an independent curator and a professional art coordinator. Currently the chairman of Taiwan Art Space Alliance, she served as Managing Director of Bamboo Curtain Studio; and Manager of Taipei Brick House. Hung received her MA in Culture Industry from Goldsmiths, University of London, focusing on the role of pop up culture in gentrified areas. She cares about the issues of the revitalization of urban space and curious about the relationship between humans and nature. In recent years, she works with artists and environmental educators to explore what we could contribute to the larger environment. Through art, it has opportunities to flip the mindset and able to push us a bit closer to  our surrounding. She believes the powerful and impactful plan can be created by connecting diverse individuals and organizations.