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許家峰 HSU, Chia-Feng

自由藝文工作者| 評論人

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Speaking Sessions

21 10 月, 202119:00 - 20:30


小組討論 Pannel Discussion


中途重度視障者,帶著僅微弱光覺以透過聲音與空間的互動及其敏銳的觸、聽覺,為其創作與評論書寫的主要方向。 失去視力前曾任「光環舞集」、「歡喜扮戲團」企劃執行。以及參與了「南風劇團」、「螢火蟲劇團」、「小蕃薯兒童劇團」、「爆米花兒童劇團」等製作演出。2011年失去視力後,曾任「成蹊藝術雜誌」副編輯、「URS329稻舍」藝術行政等,持續不斷創作,積極參與各類合作,開啟另一條非視覺創作路徑,推廣障礙戲劇教學、文化平權倡議工作坊與講座等;具有豐富的編、導、演等創作經歷,以及展、演策劃之藝術行政經驗。 


Working as a freelance art worker and commentator, Hsu is currently both the host and producer of the Podcast “iyouwaiya” and “Jiafeng’s Art View.” He also writes for “into art,” and is a contributor to Taishin “Post Your Comment” in 2021. He has held many public roles, including lecturer for the non-visual guided experience workshop; advisor for drama classes at Kaohsiung Syinlu Foundation, and at Taiwan Art Beyond Vision Association.

With severe acquired visual impairment, Xu has only a faint sense of sight. Xu interacts with space through sound, coupled with his keen sense of touch and hearing. These two aspects are the main directions of his creative practice and commentary writing. Before losing his eyesight, he worked as a project executive for “Taipei Dance Circle” and “Uhan Shii Theatre.” He had also participated in the production and performance of “Spring Wind Art Theatre,” “Firefly Theatre,” “Little Sweet Potato Children’s Theatre Company,” “Popcorn Children’s Theatre Company”, etc. After losing his eyesight in 2011, he served as the deputy editor of “Chengqi Art Magazine” and the art administrator of “URS329 Rice & Shine.” He continued to create, actively participated in various collaborations, opened up a non-visual creative path, promoting disabled drama education and cultural equality through workshops and lectures. Hsu has a rich experience in creative practice, such as scriptwriting, directing, and acting, as well as art administrative experience in exhibition and performance planning.