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許慈茵 HSU, Tzu-Ying


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24 10 月, 202113:00 - 14:40

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小組討論 Pannel Discussion



自幼習舞,嘉義女中畢業、 臺北體育學院舞蹈學系學士,自2012年獲菁霖文教基金會奬學金赴美參與美國舞蹈節 (American dance festival) 並擔任專案製作於“Taiwanese night ” 之後,便決定要將台 灣的藝術家介紹給世界。2012-2014年擔任無垢舞蹈劇場舞者; 2014-2016年,擔任專案製作人於國家文化藝術基金會,負責表演藝術專案《新人新視野》; 2014-2020年,與編舞家蔡博丞共同創立丞舞製作團隊,擔任舞團經理共六年時間,推展業務版圖至世界五大洲,同時深耕國內藝文推廣。現服務於國家兩廳院,擔任國際媒體公關。

An energetic, knowledgeable, highly committed and goal-oriented administrative professional with seven years’ experience coordinating a diversity of projects and managing a contemporary dance company. I started dancing at the age of four and obtained a bachelor degree in Dance in 2013. My previous position was company manager and producer in B.DANCE for six years, which I co-founded with Taiwanese choreographer, Po-Cheng Tsai. Through the experience of establishing a company from the beginning, I had implemented a variety of activities on my own initiative, touring with the company to 22 countries for over 200 performances, and coordinating international cooperation projects. Currently, I serve as the international media communication at National theater & Concert Hall(NTCH).