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賴雯淑 LAI, Wen-Shu

國立陽明交通大學 應用藝術研究所 副教授

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24 10 月, 202113:00 - 14:40

Open Stage

小組討論 Pannel Discussion

賴雯淑於美國愛荷華大學完成藝術設計碩士和藝術教育哲學博士學位,曾任美國Angelo State University助理教授、加州柏克萊大學訪問學者。目前為國立陽明交通大學應用藝術研究所副教授,文化研究國際中心研究員、質疑性藝術跨域實驗室主持人,專業領域為跨域藝術、書籍藝術、質疑性設計、慢設計、複合媒材實驗、藝術電影、藝術詮釋學和教育哲學。

Wen-Shu Lai attended the University of Iowa, where she had earned her MA and MFA degrees in Art, and Doctoral degree in Art Education. She is an associate professor at the Institute of Applied Arts at the National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University (NYCU), Taiwan. She was a recipient of the Fulbright Grant for Art in 2008 and a visiting scholar at UC Berkeley, USA, in 2016. She is also the leader of transArt NYCU team and a researcher of the International Institute for Cultural Studies at NYCU.