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高翊愷 KAO, Yi-Kai

Thinkers’ Studio思劇團總監 | 獨立製作人、國際經理人

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23 10 月, 202116:00 - 17:20


小組討論 Pannel Discussion

台灣,台北人,現為民間獨立單位Thinkers’ Studio思劇團總監。曾任職於教育、管理與行銷工作。在不同產業累積各種經驗後,重新回到表演藝術領域,致力於表演藝術製作、藝術節慶策劃、陪伴創作。除了營運管理獨立藝文空間「思劇場」,也在2015-2019年期間投入民間獨立發起的「大稻埕國際藝術節」並擔任核心成員與策展統籌工作。經過數年於大稻埕地區的經驗累積後,開始關注藝術活動與地方社群關係;也將其製作議題聚焦於關心性別和東南亞區域相關議題製作。除此之外,他也期待透過民間獨立的角色與身份來支持年輕、新銳的藝術工作者在國際連結與發展。


.東南亞性別網絡計畫 — 策展人

.臺北藝術節:明日和合製作所 張剛華《洗頭》— 製作人

.兩廳院IDEAS Lab-R&D計畫 明日和合製作所 黃鼎云《操演瘋狂》— 製作人

.臺北藝術節  《島嶼酒吧》 — 製作人

.國藝會ARTWAVE臺灣表演藝術國際網路平台 — 國際發展經理人


KAO Yi Kai is from Taipei, Taiwan and is now the director of a private sector – Thinkers’ Studio. Previously, he had experience in education, management and marketing. After working in different fields, he got back to performing arts and devoted himself to performing arts management, festival curation and accompanying creation. Apart from running and managing an independent art space “Thinkers’ Theatre”, he also worked as a core member and a coordinator in an independent festival – Tua-Tiu-Tiann International Festival of Arts from 2015 to 2019. After years of experience in Dadaocheng (Tua-Tiu-Tiann), he starts to focus on the relationship between the art events and the community. His focus is also on gender and Southeast Asia related issues. In addition, he hopes to act as the role of the private sector to support young and emerging art practitioners in international connection and development.

Recent Project/Prodection:

Connect with SEA(Gender Issue): Residency in the CLOUD Curator

Taipei Arts Festival, Co-coism CHANG,Kang Hua “Shampoo” Producer

NTCH IDEAS Lab-R&D Project. Co-coism Hunag, Ding Yun “Performing Insanity “ Producer

Taipei Fringe  Opening Ceremony — Curator

aipei Arts Festival, “IsLand Bar” — Producer

NCAF ARTWAVE Taiwan International Arts Network — International Development Manager