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黃星達 HUANG, Sing-Da


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Speaking Sessions

22 10 月, 202114:00 - 15:20


小組討論 Pannel Discussion
22 10 月, 202116:00 - 17:20


小組討論 Pannel Discussion



Dr. Huang is the chief of the Education department of the National Taiwan Museum. He is also the Secretary-General of the Chinese Association of Museums. He got PhD in the School of Communication, and has obtained degrees in drama creation and application, special education, psychological counseling. Research fields include medialization, public relations and crisis management, museology research, image and branding, drama and text analysis, contemporary education and practice.     

In the past, he served as the editor-in-chief of publication, public relations in museums, school teacher, and served in local governments, the Bureau of Cultural Heritage of Ministry of Culture, National museum of natural science. He paid attention to the development of contemporary culture and social relations, including art and cultural industries, cultural creativity, cultural heritage, etc. Dr. Huang pays attention to the practice and thinking between education and people, regardless of ethnicity, gender, age and other aspects, through thinking and integrated practice in the education promotion of the museum. In recent years, Dr. Huang has promoted various innovations in the museum, including cross-domain cooperation, digital and online learning, marketing and cultural creativity, cultural Accessibility, cross-age learning, public issues, social media, museum resource integration, etc. In response to contemporary trends and social expectations, new methods of museums are constantly being practiced.