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謝思盈-Art For All

Art For All 計畫主持人

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21 10 月, 202116:00 - 17:20


小組討論 Pannel Discussion

Art For All團隊(簡稱AFA)成員以工程師、設計師、藝術經理人及美術館員組成,透過跨領域協作,建立一個專門服務視障者及視力不佳長者的語音平台。AFA平台著重無障礙設計,串連各博物館的語音資源上架,提倡專為視障者製作的口述影像,操作流程和功能簡單易懂,能依需求縮放字體閱讀,放大作品版面瀏覽圖像,也能使用報讀輔助系統,期望能透過口述影像平台促進明眼人和視障者之間的理解,提倡文化平權。

Art For All (aka AFA) team up with engineers, designers, art managers and curators.Through interdisciplinary collaboration, AFA develop an audio platform for visually-challenged people & seniors who are suffered from low vision. AFA platform is known for its accessible designs, such easy process  & simple functions, cooperating with different museums  in audio authorities, and advocating the audio description in audience service. Its accessible functions include zoom in fonts for reading, enlarge images and are available for screen reader (assistive system). AFA expects that by promoting audio description, it could build a connection between the public and visually-impaired groups.