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黃漢沖 Jason Wee

灰色計畫 Grey Project 創辦人

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他出版過三部詩集,其中包括了《未來將至》(施特根博格出版社,2020 年);也編輯過許多出版物,諸如排行榜暢銷作《 SQ21:21 世紀的新加坡酷兒》(Math Paper Press)。 曾參與過的駐村計畫與獎助計畫包括:藝術之家-新加坡國立大學(2014-2015)、NTU-CCA 新加坡(2016-2017)以及理想城市藝術節(2020)。

黃漢沖2019年在台北當代藝術館策劃了《烏鬼》;2015 年,在柏林和斯圖加特的 ifa 畫廊策劃了《離奇新加坡》。其他策展經歷包含《超脫李光耀》(2010)、舒比琪. 勞的《有用的虛構》(2013)、移民生態計畫下的《當你走近內心時,你可能會發現裂縫…》(新加坡國立大學博物館,2014 年)。他個人的創作計畫有《明日是一座孤島》(Villa Vassilieff,2016)、《藝術開幕:藝術寫作的擴充領域》(新加坡當代藝術中心,2018)和《後超級未來亞洲》(台北當代藝術中心,2017、一民美術館,2019)。

他同時創立並經營「灰色計畫 Grey Project」藝術空間—一個兼備藝術圖書館與駐村空間的複合計畫。近年來他的作品在第六屆新加坡雙年展、第一屆亞洲協會三年展、香港 Para Site 展出,近期將在阿姆斯特丹的其他未來藝術節和科欽.穆吉裏斯雙年展展出。

Jason Wee is an artist and a writer working between art, architecture, poetry and photography.

 He’s the author of three poetry collections, including In Short Future Now (Sternberg Press, 2020). He edited numerous publications including the bestselling SQ21: Singapore Queers in the 21st Century (Math Paper Press). 

Residencies and fellowships include The Arts House-National University of Singapore (2014-2015), NTU-CCA Singapore (2016-2017), and IdeasCity Festival (2020).

In 2019, he curated Stories We Tell To Scare Ourselves With at MOCA Taipei. In 2015, he curated Singapur Unheimlich at ifa galerie Berlin and Stuttgart. Other curatorial projects include Beyond LKY (2010), Useful Fictions by Shubigi Rao (2013), When You Get Closer To The Heart, You May Find Cracks by the Migrant Ecologies Project (NUS Museum, 2014). His artist-initiated projects include Tomorrow Is An Island (Villa Vassilieff, 2016), ART OPENINGS: The Expanded Field of Art Writing (CCA Singapore, 2018) and PostSuperFutureAsia (Taipei Contemporary Art Center 2017, Ilmin Museum, 2019). 

He founded and runs Grey Projects, an art library and residency. His art is recently seen in the 6th Singapore Biennale, the 1st Asia Society Triennial, Para Site Hong Kong, and is upcoming at Other Futures Festival Amsterdam and the Kochi-Muziris Biennale.